Friday, October 5, 2007

Taylor's Automatic Refresher in San Francisco

I'm visiting San Francisco for the weekend. Lunch today was at Taylor's Automatic Refresher located at the Ferry Building. I've been to this location before, as well as the Napa location. I had to come back today mainly for the Rainbow ice cream chocolate milk shake. I also ordered a cheeseburger (hold the pickle) and chili cheese fries. The burger and shake were surprise here. But the chili (despite the beans) on the fries was exceptional. I make a pretty decent chili, and this one had my favorite chili Beer gives a meaty chili a distinct flavor that goes well with the spices. I wouldn't mind the recipe for this chili. It was that good. The entertainment for this particular lunch was the air show practice that was going on while I was outside consuming my delicious lunch. From my seat, I was watching the Blue Angels practice for their Fleet Week air show tomorrow. A lovely day in the city, indeed.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Japanese ice cream cone!

How many of you have seen a swirled green tea and purple sweet potato ice cream cone? The flavor combination may sound odd to some, but let me tell was absolutely oishii (delicious) despite the cold weather! For those of you with a keen eye for detail, yes, it is true that this pic was snapped after I took a big lick of it. Oh well!

Food Palette...the journey begins

Stay tuned for gastronomic pictorials and commentary!